Dr. Roberto Dina MD, FIAC, FRC

Consultant Pathologist

Dr. Roberto Dina MD, FIAC, FRC Path is an Italian-British consultant pathologist who brought a wealth of experience in cytopathology practice, research and education to NRL when he joined in 2019.

At NRL, Dr. Dina takes the lead on gynecological and endocrinological pathology, but other past impressive accomplishments include co-founding the popular international training website Eurocytology, almost 20 years’ at Imperial College London Trust in the UK as both a senior lecturer and consultant cellular pathologist at Hammersmith Hospital – Imperial College Healthcare, working on numerous research projects, and serving on editorial boards of professional journals, and authoring academic articles and publications.

Dr. Dina earned his medical degree at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia in 1978, then went on to do postgraduate training at the University of Bologna, Italy, specializing in Anatomic Pathology. Through a scholarship issued by the Italo-American Medical Foundation, he had the opportunity to travel to New York to undertake a clinical Fellowship at Lutheran Medical Center. He again added to his qualifications after relocating to the UK, and was certified by the International Academy of Cytology in 2009, and became a Fellow of the International Academy of Cytology and a Fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists.

During his time at Imperial College London, Dr. Dina successfully motivated four grants for important areas of research such as evaluating diagnosis in cervical and thyroid cytology, and the establishment of the major international cytology training website, Eurocytology.

For almost two decades prior to joining NRL, Dr. Dina was Honorary Senior Lecturer at the Centre for Pathology, Imperial College London. He served on the Cytopathology Examiners Committee and was Chair of the RCPath Cytology Examining Committee for two years before moving to the UAE.

Dr. Dina has extensive international experience in practice, built up alongside his academic career and helped by his fluency in English, Italian and French.

He started his career working at various hospitals across Italy, but also working for periods at hospitals in Paris, Sweden and London to broaden his knowledge. By 1993, he had been elected Vice President of the Italian Society of Cytology and, the following year, as National Chairman of the Italian Union of Anatomic Pathologists.

After various senior appointments and projects, he accepted a post in London as a consultant cytopathologist/histopathologist at the Department of Histopathology of Hammersmith Hospital and honorary senior lecturer at Imperial College School of Medicine, and coordinator of the MSc Course in Clinical Cytology. In 2019 he was invited by NRL to join its laboratories as a consultant pathologist due to his vast experience in gynecological and endocrinological pathology.

Dr. Dina has a deep-seated interest in expanding the pathological profession. He has contributed to more than 100 books and journals on pathology in the past 20 years. In addition, he has sat on the editorial board of two professional publications; Cytopathology and the Journal of Endocrine Pathology since 2010.

One of the achievements he finds most rewarding though, is the difference he helped make to tens of thousands of pathology students around the world through helping to set up the Eurocytology training website. The free-to-use multilingual website is a unified platform for the vocational training and professional education of cytotechnologists and cytopathologists engaged in all aspects of clinical cytology screening and diagnosis.

Dr. Dina was in charge of the two grant applications for funding the website and worked with partners from international cytology societies to launch it, update it, and increase the translations available. A recent analysis of traffic to the website proves it is truly an international platform that has drawn from the best cytology experiences worldwide.