Replacement of random glucose with fasting glucose in reports for all panels

Published on : 3 March 2016

Effective February 24th, instead of random glucose, we will be reporting fasting glucose in all panels including the Basic Metabolic Profile, Comprehensive Metabolic Profile and Renal Function Panel.  

This decision was made based on several factors: 

  • Fasting glucose is a more definite answer than the random glucose.  The interpretation of a fasting glucose is shown below:

Fasting Glucose


65 – 99 mg/dL (3.61 – 5.49 mmol/L)

Normal Glucose Tolerance

100 – 125 mg/dL (5.55 – 6.87 mmol/L)

Impaired Glucose Tolerance

>125 mg/dL (>6.87 mmol/L)

Diagnostic for diabetes, after confirmation

  • Random glucose requires a subject to have a glucose > 199 mg/dl (11.0 mmol/L) and have typical symptoms for the diagnosis of diabetes (after a second confirmation test)
  • Most laboratories provide the fasting glucose reference range for the glucose in profiles, including our partner LabCorp - USA
  • We have received many calls from clients stating that patients were fasting when the profiles were ordered.