NRL hosted a successful CME seminar on immune diseases and allergies

Published on : 22 May 2016
Location : Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi Conference Center


On the occasion of Asthma and Allergies Awareness Month, on May 21st National Reference Laboratory hosted a successful CME seminar on the topic:"Updates on the diagnosis and management of allergies and immune diseases". The seminar took place at the Conference Centre of Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, where we welcomed around 50 physicians and laboratory professionals from the Abu Dhabi region. Our speakers presented several topics that provoked interesting discussion. 

The lectures included the following topics: 

  • A simple approach to the use and Interpretation of common immunology tests

          Dr. Mohamed Abuzakouk  

  • Overview and updates of food allergy in children 

          Dr. Michael Loubser 

  • An update on the management of allergic diseases

          Dr. Mohamed Abuzakouk

One of the topics that attracted a lot of attention throughout the seminar was the new approach in allergy diagnostics -  Molecular Allergology. This new approach takes diagnostics of allergies to a whole new level by quantifying the allergen-specific IgE antibodies to single, pure allergen molecule.

NRL offers a test menu of more than 200 Phadia ImmunoCAP individual allergens and allergens panels.