NRL announces MedLab raffle draw winners

Published on : 10 February 2018
Location : Dubai World Trade Center

NRL has organized a raffle draw for all MedLab participants, who needed to answer the following question: 

"How many tests are included in the test menu of NRL?"

The correct answer to the question was clearly visible at the stand of NRL and is: 4,700+ tests.

The official raffle draw of the winners of 9 Sumsung Tablets was carried out publicly on the last day at MedLab, Thursday, February 8th, at 2pm, at NRL's stand.  

The draw was carried out by a representative from Informa, supported by a representative of NRL and the lucky winners were immediately announced in front of participants, representatives from Informa and MedLab TV. 

Congratulations to the lucky winners:: 

Rajani Arun 
Royal Diagnostic Center, Laboratory Supervisor, UAE

Yousef El Hage
No company given, Lebanon

Marilyra A. Valencia
Dr. Taher H. Khalil Clinic, Laboratory Technician, UAE

Muhammed Shafi
Lifecare Hospital Mussafah, UAE

Huda Obaid
Technologist,  MOHAP, UAE

Sreejith Lakshmann
Medical Laboratory Technician, DHA, UAE

Mohammed Fazuruila
Microbiologist, Zulekha Hospital, UAE

Ghina Yazber
Laboratory Technician, GMU Laboratory, UAE

Constancia De Castro
Medical Technician, Abu Dhabi Police, UAE