World Class Facilities

Meeting the evolving needs of the healthcare and insurance providers of the UAE demands state-of-the-art equipment, technology and expertise. NRL’s fully automated laboratories feature the following:

  • A Document control system that ensures that all documents are current and only authorized versions are available for active use Samples are received in the laboratory using an exact sample transfer system

  • All instruments and associated quality monitors are interfaced to the Laboratory Information System (LIS), which provides timely review of patient results prior to reporting

  • Uniform instrumentation at all owned and managed labs including unified reference ranges and training standards that are linked to an advanced LIS. This enables NRL to have a unified patient record across the NRL network of laboratories

  • State-of-the-art automated laboratory equipment that provides operational efficiencies and minimizes human error

  • Standardized suppliers that meet regulatory requirements, provide volume based cost savings and partnerships through the implementation of best practices

  • Metrics program which provides data that improves both daily processes and facilitates strategic forecasts