Occupational Health

National Reference Laboratory provides occupational health testing services to diverse organizations including visa screening centers, corporate medical centers and companies from different industries such as aviation, construction, oil and gas, and hospitality.

In accordance to the clients’ needs, National Reference Laboratory creates customized test panels to provide tests for visa screening, occupational health screening, drug and alcohol testing and periodic check-up for companies that want to monitor their employee’s safety, health and welfare in the work environment.

National Reference Laboratory has a proven track record in providing high volume visa screening and occupational health testing services by being an exclusive testing partner to Capital Health Screening Centre in Abu Dhabi. The Laboratory’s systems are fully interfaced with Capital Health Screening Centre’s, to provide the most efficient service with rapid turnaround times. The National Reference Laboratory is the provider of occupational health laboratory services to different large corporations across different industries in the UAE.

National Reference Laboratory follows rigorous International Standards of Chain of Custody procedures, documenting the management and storage of specimens from the moment a donor provides the specimen, right to reporting of the final test result, maintaining control and accountability of samples.  

For organizations that do not have in-house capabilities the Laboratory provides specimen collection (phlebotomy) services at the company’s site.